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SportsAbility Alliance


SportsAbility Alliance


Tallahassee, FL


January - June 2023

Throughout my time as a Social Media Intern at SportsAbility Alliance, I not only gained experience in my chosen field of study, but also in working with children and adults of all abilities. As an intern, I created and scheduled posts across multiple platforms, photographed and shot videos at events, attended board meetings, and had the privilege of working with an amazing group of people.

Embracing Inclusivity in Sports

Miracle Sports Post #5.jpg
Kiwanis Spelling-Bee Fundraiser.png

Upon searching for internships during the Fall Semester of my senior year at Florida State University, I applied to numerous positions, in an effort to gain a little more experience before graduation. Previously, I'd worked with advertising agencies, as well as various different businesses, as I like to challenge myself by advertising/marketing different services and products (I feel it's better practice for the real world). SportsAbility Alliance reached out to me, offering a semester internship, and excited for the opportunity, I interviewed and accepted. During my time at SportsAbility, I gained valuable insight not only on all things social media, but also the importance of knowing how to effectively communicate with adults and children of all abilities, a lesson I feel is important regardless of which career path someone chooses. 

As far as work experience, I felt this internship not only provided me with the most amount of creative liberty, but specifically, Kasara Barato, gave me a lot of independence and trusted me with many different responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities included creating and scheduling posts, attending/taking photos and videos at various events held by SportsAbility and its partners, presenting social media updates at SAA Board Meetings, and creating content that would provoke and increase user engagement. Some new aspects I introduced and used across the non-profit's platforms included taking their existing brand guidelines and updating the look and feel of the content to modernize the way the brand was represented, and posting on Instagram and Facebook Stories. In addition to this, I also began creating reels and posts that asked questions and promoted responses from users, used Instagram Highlights to keep specific information in the forefront of the profile, and other UX strategies. In the end, my efforts proved to be successful, as shown in the example below, where I included metrics from the Instagram Professional Dashboard of the SportsAbility Instagram Account. This experience far exceeded my expectations.


*Source: Instagram Professional Dashboard*

Kasara Barto

Communications and Events Manager at SportsAbility Alliance

I had the pleasure of managing Isa when she served as a Social Media Intern at SportsAbility Alliance. During her time with us, Isa showcased exceptional creativity and innovation in her approach to social media management.

Isa played a pivotal role in growing our social media platform by implementing fresh ideas and strategic campaigns. Her ability to think outside the box brought a new level of engagement to our online presence, resulting in increased followers and interactions with our audience.

One of Isa's most impressive contributions was her creation of multiple graphic templates that we continue to utilize even after her internship ended. These templates not only maintained a consistent brand identity but also streamlined our content creation process, saving us valuable time and resources.

Aside from her creative talents, Isa was a pleasure to work with, always demonstrating professionalism, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn. Her positive attitude and dedication to her work were evident in everything she did.

I have no doubt that Isa will excel in her future endeavors, and I highly recommend her for any role that requires creativity, innovation, and a passion for social media. She would be a valuable asset to any team fortunate enough to

have her on board.


Getting the Word Out...

E-News Letter Post.jpg
Teacher Registration.jpg
Duck Post II (1).png
Barbie Blog Post.png

Above are some examples of promotional content I created, scheduled, and posted across SportsAbility's Social Media Platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. SportsAbility not only aims to promote its own events, but also the events of partners, donors, and others who plan experiences and activities that cater to the needs of children and adults of all abilities. In the above examples are some of the blog posts that I created to highlight SportsAbility's own blog posts, and article posts from other writers that depict upcoming events, tips, and toys for individuls of all abilities. In addition, the two photos in the middle are examples of promotional event posts both promoting events held or supported by the non-profit. 

Inspiring the Next Generation of Athletes of
All Abilities

Salford & Co..jpg
Andrea Bocelli- MM.png
Louis Braille.jpg

One of my favorite campaigns of those I worked on while interning at SportsAbility Alliance was 'Monday Motivation.' Every Monday, I'd research different individuals who were either disabled or advocated for the rights of individuals who are disabled and created a post highlighting their achievements and explaining their life stories. It's clear that these posts were a fan favorite, as it was interesting to learn and relate to so many different people who have made contributions to various organizations that support people of all abilities. By creating each Monday Motivation reoccurring post, SportsAbility's audience is able to see the possibilities that athletes of all abilities can on day achieve, especially through SportsAbility's many programs, such as Miracle Sports, which offers children and adults a safe environment to play and practice sports such as Tennis, Baseball, and Kickball. 

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