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Durée & Company


Durée & Company


Fort Lauderdale, FL 


2023 - Present

Social Media Account Coordinator

At Durée & Company, I had the opportunity and pleasure of working under the PR firm's Vice President while she was on leave, managing the digital aspects of her role. I handled content creation, account creation,  and management across various social platforms, wrote blogs, and calculated metrics for over 10 different clients while working in this role, in addition to overseeing the PR firm's social media accounts. This role was a fantastic experience that put my classroom-learned skills to the test, as well as taught me various lessons on how the industry works, what "agency life" is like, and how advertising and public relations work hand in hand to craft a power-house digital strategy.

A New Age of Knowledge: Blogging


Brand Love: The Importance of Incorporating
Culture in Hispanic Branding

The first blog I produced while at D&Co, I was tasked with writing a blog post for Hispanic Heritage Month, which explained the importance of incorporating culture in Hispanic Branding. Using research from my thesis, Brand Loyalty: Generational Shifts in Hispanic Consumer Product Relationships in Florida, I wrote this post in English, and later translated it to Spanish for both English and Spanish-speaking readers to enjoy. In the blog, I redefined "brand love" as well as the importance this plays on Hispanic branding, given the value place on tradition, family, and culture. Click the buttons below to read my blog in English or Spanish. 

PR vs. Advertising: Breaking Down
the Differences and Synergies

Having a background in advertising, and now having worked at a public relations firm, I've not only gained a better understanding of what public relations is, but I've also learned how it can work well with advertising to create a full-proof digital marketing strategy. I really enjoyed writing this blog because I had the opportunity to further investigate why a brand strategy is much stronger with the use of both paid and earned media through advertising and PR. Specifically, I dive into how the two powerhouses work best during crisis management and social media amplification. Click the button below to read my blog post.

PR vs. Advertising_ Breaking Down The Differences and Synergies.png

Reeling in Impressions & Engagement

Leveraging the powerful tool of video content, implementing reels into Durée & Company’s social media strategy revolved around the goal of creating captivating content that showcased our company culture, client events and services we provided. Crafting reels isn’t just about putting pictures and images together, and adding transitions, it's about putting the content together in a way that is equally aesthetically pleasing as it is informational. In my position, I learned that it’s about understanding the brand’s voice, messages, objectives, and target audience, and translating that into compelling visual storytelling. Here are two examples of reels I created while at Durée & Company.

The reel to the left shows our company culture, covering a “company brunch” we attended in celebration of two employees’ “workversarys,” and the reel to the right showcases a giveaway the firm held in celebration of the annual

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. 

Creating Content with Character

While working as a social media account coordinator at Durée & Company, one of my favorite responsibilities was creating compelling static content for the boutique PR firm. From crafting #MotivationalMonday content to highlighting client mentions in the media, and strategically promoting the firm’s services, this was just one part of my role in enhancing the brand’s visibility and engagement. My approach was rooted in data-driven insights, where I measured metrics behind content and refined future social media strategies based on content that performed best. By adapting these schedules with the help of key performance indicators (KPIs), I was able to consistently deliver content that resonated with our audience and garnered positive feedback.

Beyond the Logo: D&Co's Brand Refresh

During my time at Durée & Company, the PR firm went through a brand refresh, showcasing D&Co's continuing adaptability to the fast-paced world of public relations. Stepping into the future with a bold new look and attitude, Durée & Company kept its signature pink hue, adding new complimentary colors as well as more modern fonts to the brand’s refreshed style. During this process, I was tasked with updating content as well as the firm’s social media pages to reflect our brand's new and refreshed look. I created highlight covers for Durée & Company’s Instagram, which are still in use today, and designed a mini-style guide which I used when working on new content

for the brand.


Jenna Reed Sample

Vice President at Durée & Company

When I worked with Isa, she consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and genuine passion for her role. She approached her tasks with dedication and enthusiasm, contributing positively to our team. Her commitment and passion for her work were evident, making her a valuable member of our team. I consider Isa a great colleague and friend!


Measuring Success in the Digital Landscape:

Harnessing the Power of Social Media & Website Analytics

13 copy.png

*Source: Sprout Socials*

The above social media metrics, courtesy of Sprout Socials, showcase the increase in impressions, audience growth, post link clicks, engagements, and engagements per impression during my time at D&Co. To continuously boost these numbers, I measured and pulled these analytics, studying what content performed the best at the end of each month to create an improved schedule for the following month. Doing so allowed me to consistently produce story, static, and video content that resonated best with our audiences.

Top Performing.png

*Source: Google Analytics - G4 Suite*

Using Google Analytics' G4 Suite, I additionally measured metrics for Durée & Company's main website, cannabis website, and psychedelic website, as the firm also offers expert public relations and marketing services to these industries. Like with social media metrics, I pulled these numbers at the end of each month, measuring each of the site's traffic acquisitions and top-performing pages, as shown above. Additionally, I pulled metrics measuring the demographics of our top users, including their age, gender, and location by country. Doing so allowed the social team to better plan blog posts and content that performed best and was more popular with our audiences. Because this was my first time using Google Analytics to measure a real, working website, I found it extremely interesting to see terms and measurements I learned in the classroom being used in the real world to craft successful and engaging content strategies, whether they be for our website or social media accounts across various platforms.

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