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Yearbook Design


Our Lady of Lourdes Academy

Yearbook Design


Miami, FL



During my senior year of high school, I decided to put my design, photography, and writing skills to the test... Needless to say, being on the yearbook team was an unforgettable and enjoyable learning experience that helped me not only create pieces to add to my portfolio, but get a preview of what it's like to work with deadlines and real-life "clients."

The Trends Spread:


This was the first spread I ever created for my high school's yearbook. I created the "Trends Spread" at the beginning of the year, before the yearbook team had set up templates for each of the spreads. I'm most proud of this project because I designed the layout, took all of the pictures included, and created all of the copy in the above two-page spread. In addition to this being my first "solo project," the Trends Spread was later submitted to CSPA, a yearbook contest, where it won the Gold Award!

Where Running Met Design:


Being the captain of my high school's Varsity Cross Country team, and someone who was extremely passionate about the sport itself, this spread was also very important to me in the sense that it gave me an outlet to highlight and showcase my teammates' talents and successes. Looking back, now while running at Florida State University, I can safely say that this is still one of my favorite spreads to look back on where my career as a "student-athlete" started. 

Raising Awareness: 

yearbook_I_Can_Spread copy.jpg

For this spread, I covered our school's Cancer Awareness Night. Creating it was quite the experience, as I had the pleasure of attending the event to photograph pictures. I really enjoyed being able to attend and later write about how this special night had so many activities for cancer survivors and the families of those who have unfortunately lost their battles with cancer. The even raised awareness and funds that were later donated to assist further research in finding a cure for breast cancer.

The Halloween Spread:


In the above Halloween spread, I was tasked with photographing students and faculty who dressed up for the holiday, as it had taken place on a school day that year. While this proved to be a challenge because I had to use my very limited free time to get these shots, I was able to capture the funny, witty, and creative costumes from that day. In addition to creating the layout for this spread and taking the pictures included, I wrote compelling copy to describe the costumes and activities that took place that Halloween.

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