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7918 West Drive


Pacific & Orient Properties LLC


North Bay Village, Florida


1 Year

7918 West Drive is a 21-story, luxury waterfront condominium development being built in North Bay Village in Miami. The project will feature 54 one-of-a-kind residences each promising panoramic views of the water or Miami’s skyline. I managed 7918 West Drive’s social media accounts across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, creating content to boost excitement about the development, as well as updating viewers on its construction. While managing these accounts, I created engaging static and video content showcasing the interior, exterior, and luxury amenities of this building, as well as nearby activities future residents could enjoy without having to travel very far.

7918 West Drive, #WhereEastMeetsWest

In managing 7918 West Drive's accounts across various social media platforms, I orchestrated a multifaceted digital campaign to spotlight the unparalleled luxury of this prestigious waterfront development. My role extended beyond crafting visually captivating static and video content as it also encompassed the strategic analysis of social media metrics and leveraging key performance indicators (KPIs) to refine our future social media strategy. Through meticulous attention to detail, I curated an online presence that not only generated excitement about the project but also kept this client's audience informed about its construction progress. Additionally, I created content from media mentions, helping the project gain more reach and attention.  By seamlessly integrating engaging video content showcasing the interior, exterior, and lavish amenities of 7918 West Drive, along with highlighting nearby activities, I ensured that 7918's social media channels serve as an immersive window into the extraordinary lifestyle that awaits our future residents.

Through video content across 7918 West Drive's social media platforms, I was able to give viewers a 360-degree view of the project, it's serene views, and the amenities future residents will be able to enjoy. Adding video content, like Instagram Reels, to this client's social media strategy boosted engagement and reach, additionally increasing audience growth and following on each of 7918 West Drive's social media accounts. I additionally shared video content showcasing nearby restaurants, malls, golf courses, and other activities to relay the message of a luxuriously balanced life that could be achieved by those living at 7918 West Drive. Located in North Bay Village, this project puts future residents at the center of it all with night life, parks, beaches, and an array of restaurants only minutes away, something I feel I successfully showcased in theirsocial media strategy.

Analyzing 7918 West Drive's Social Content Performance

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*Source: Sprout Socials*

Through diligent monitoring and strategic adjustments, my efforts in managing 7918 West Drive's social media presence yielded success in enhancing key performance indicators (KPIs). By implementing data-driven strategies, I witnessed a significant uptick in engagement, with followers actively interacting with our content, amplifying our reach, and fostering a sense of community around the brand. Impressions also surged during the time I was managing this account, magnifying this client's visibility and solidifying its presence as a premier destination for luxury living in North Bay Village, Miami. Moreover, the increase in post link clicks indicates a heightened interest among the project's audience, translating into tangible leads and potential residents who were eager to explore the unparalleled lifestyle offered by 7918 West Drive. These tangible results underscore the efficacy of my social media strategy in elevating the profile of this residential project.

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