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A little about me...

Welcome to my website! My name is Isa Timiraos, and was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am a proud Alumna of St. Timothy Parish School and Our Lady of Lourdes Academy. Ever since I was younger, I knew I had a passion for anything and everything that involved allowing my creative juices to flow. I've always loved drawing, creating digital art and media, and overall having the ability to design anything to make it uniquely mine. While in high school at Lourdes, I continued to put my creativity to work, taking classes that involved using Adobe Creative Suite, which taught me to use creative software as well as an understanding of the basics of brand identity and brand continuity. This allowed me to further hone in on what exactly I wanted to do with this passion in the future. I decided that I wanted to work towards a career that allowed me to use this skill set to help others achieve success in businesses of their own through compelling visual story-telling. Because of this decision, I chose to attend Florida State University, where I graduated with honors with a Bachelor's in Science Degree in Advertising, and a minor in Hispanic Marketing Communications. While at Florida State, I continued to take classes that not only fostered my creativity but have helped me branch out into all of the different areas that make up the one, big, whole that is Visual Communications. In addition to earning my degree at Florida State, I also participated in the Honors in the Major Program, where I completed and defended a creative research thesis titled, "Brand Loyalty: Generational Shifts in Hispanic Consumer-Product Relationships in Florida."


Currently, I am completing a Master's in Mass Communications with a concentration in Digital Strategy from the University of Florida and launching my career in Visual Communications, focusing on social media marketing and analytics, brand development, and digital strategy. To see my work, click here to get to my portfolio!



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