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Gisela Timiraos

Generation 2

Bio/Basic Info:

Birthplace: Miami, Florida

Age: 48

Occupation: School Psychologist at Miami Dade Public Schools

Children: 3, Isabella Timiraos, Carolina Timiraos, and Nicholas Timiraos

Grandchildren: None

Currently Living In: Miami, Florida


Choosen Products + Their Relationships

1) Where do you primarily shop for groceries? Do you find yourself returning to the same location time and time again? Why?

"I usually shop at Publix or Trader Joe’s it depends on what I’m buying and where I’m at. The Publix I frequently visit is right next to my house, and the Trader Joe’s I go to not only has better parking than the location closer to my house, but this location is also closer to where I work."

2) What are certain grocery products that you feel you cannot live without? Why do you feel this way about these products? (Products can include cleaning products, food, and other home essentials.)

"Dunkin Donuts Coffee Grounds, Tide Laundry Detergent, and Mahatma Rice. I love how Dunkin Donuts Coffee tastes and smells without being too strong or tasteless. It’s my favorite coffee and isn’t very expensive. I used Tide’s laundry detergent as opposed to other brands because I like how it leaves my clothes smelling fresh and clean. Lastly, I love Mahatma Jasmine Rice because I love the smell from when I’m cooking it, and love how it tastes!"

3) Of the products you stated, why do you feel you have such a loyal relationship with said product? Have others influenced you to buy these products? Did any of your relatives use these products?

"I was influenced by my great-grandmother to buy Mahatma Rice; it’s the same brand she used. My mom used to use Tide’s powdered detergent! The liquid detergent is much better, but either way, the way the detergent leaves my clothes extremely soft and the smell takes me back to my childhood. I used to use Folder’s coffee grounds, prior to using Dunkin. My aunt actually used to make coffee from this brand, and the smell made me think of her, but I began having stomach issues from this coffee after a bit. Through trial and error, I stumbled upon Dunkin Donuts and began using it!"

4) What are some products you can think of that have been passed down from your relatives? Are any of these products you still use today? Are there any special memories, stories, or anecdotes you associate with any of these products?

"Indian River Valencia Orange Juice: my aunt always had this brand of juice at her house, I always looked up to her and thought she was extremely cool, so the taste and smell take me back to being younger and spending time with her."

"Sunny D: my parents used to buy this for my brother and I when we were younger"

"GOYA Black Beans: My mother and grandmother used to buy this brand of beans, however, they bought bags of beans as opposed to cans; My grandmother said these were the only beans that didn’t peel."

"El Mundo Cooking Wine: my aunt, mother, and grandmother used this cooking wine, and it’s definitely a product I’d add to “things I couldn’t live without. I used this product daily, and love the smell because of the flood of great memories reminds me of."


"Agustin Reyes Royal Violet Spray: EVERY Cuban has this scent engraved in their brain! This is a staple scent in all Cuban/Cuban-American households, including my own."

5) Would you recommend any of the products we discussed today? Why or why not?

"All of them, I feel that I use these products because I stand by them whole-heartedly, and believed in them. These are all products that are of great quality but are not extremely expensive. They are also extremely special to me as they all tie with fond memories of my childhood."
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