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Isabella Timiraos

Generation 3

Bio/Basic Info:

Birthplace: Miami, Florida

Age: 21

Occupation: Full-Time Student at Florida State University

Children: None

Grandchildren: None

Currently Living In: Tallahassee, Florida / Miami, Florida


Choosen Products + Their Relationships

1) Where do you primarily shop for groceries? Do you find yourself returning to the same location time and time again? Why?

"I usually do my groceries at Target or Greenwise. For the bulk of my groceries, I shop at Target, as I found that the prices there were lower, and the location is a good amount of distance from my apartment (it gives me a little bit of a “drive” without being extremely far), and I go to Greenwise whenever I want to buy vegetables and fruit during the week to cook with my meals."

2) What are certain grocery products that you feel you cannot live without? Why do you feel this way about these products? (Products can include cleaning products, food, and other home essentials.)

"Fabuloso, Materva, Tide Pods, and Goya Black Beans. Fabuloso is a popular Hispanic brand that can be used to mop floors and overall disinfect surfaces. Although my family doesn't always use this brand, its strong smell reminds me of Miami, and I only feel I’ve cleaned thoroughly if I’ve mopped using Fabuloso. Materva is my FAVORITE soda. Introduced to me by my grandmother and grandfather, I’ve always loved this Cuban soda, and have been lucky enough to find it’s sold in Tallahassee at Publix! Tide Pods have been used by my mother and grandmother, so I kinda just also bought the same brand since we used it at home. Goya Black Beans have been used by my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother, and in my opinion, taste the best and are so easy to make."

3) Of the products you stated, why do you feel you have such a loyal relationship with said product? Have others influenced you to buy these products? Did any of your relatives use these products?

"Fabuloso: I was influenced by my family and home; Materva: I was influenced by my grandparents; Goya Black Beans: a grocery that’s been passed down in my family; Tide: my family buys this at home, so I kind of just started buying it in college because I knew it worked well."

4) What are some products you can think of that have been passed down from your relatives? Are any of these products you still use today? Are there any special memories, stories, or anecdotes you associate with any of these products?

"Materva: when I was little, my siblings and I would stay at my grandparents’ a lot on the weekends because we loved spending time with them. Before each visit, my grandparents would go to the grocery store and buy all of our favorite snacks and drinks, one of these always including Materva for me. Since then, the taste and even smell takes me back to those memories."

"Fauloso: the hair salon I go to at home uses this product to mop the floor. Located in Westchester, an area heavily populated with Cuban immigrants and Cuban Americans in Miami, my hair salon is one of my favorite places to visit when I go home. The smell of Fabuloso, hairspray, and smoke mixed with every employee speaking only in Spanish and exchanging “chisme” always makes me feel at home."

"Goya Black Beans: Basically all of the women in my family have bought, made, and recommend this, so by default I started using this brand, and really like it."

5) Would you recommend any of the products we discussed today? Why or why not?

"All of these; after living by myself, I can confirm I swear by all of these products, not only because they bring back memories, but because I love all of them!"
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