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Juliana Arraras

Generation 2

Bio/Basic Info:

Birthplace: Chascomus, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Age: 51

Occupation: Business Owner

Children: 2, Justina and Alfonsina Santucho

Grandchildren: None

Currently Living In: Sufside, Florida (Near North Miami Beach)


Choosen Products + Their Relationships

1) Where do you primarily shop for groceries? Do you find yourself returning to the same location time and time again? Why?

"I grocery shop at Costco and Publix. Yes, these are my go to places because they’re most convenient for me."

2) What are certain grocery products that you feel you cannot live without? Why do you feel this way about these products? (Products can include cleaning products, food, and other home essentials.)

"Some products I can’t live without would be Yerba mate which is a very common hot tea like substance from Argentina."

3) Of the products you stated, why do you feel you have such a loyal relationship with said product? Have others influenced you to buy these products? Did any of your relatives use these products?

"I’ve grew up drinking mate as it is a very common thing in Argentina and it’s part of my everyday routine."

4) What are some products you can think of that have been passed down from your relatives? Are any of these products you still use today? Are there any special memories, stories, or anecdotes you associate with any of these products?

"Un producto que utiliza mi familia es el café . Nos encanta tomar café a todos, es una tradición familiar que genera un momento muy especial en mi familia. Después de almorzar , nos quedamos todos juntos de sobremesa se hace café en un jarro grande con bombilla y lo compartimos entre todos."

5) Would you recommend any of the products we discussed today? Why or why not?

"Recomendaría que prueben el mate porque es algo muy común de mi país y me gustaría q todos lo conozcan."
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