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Christopher Gomez

Generation 2

Bio/Basic Info:

Birthplace: Miami, Florida

Age: 24

Occupation: Assistant Cross Country and Track and Field Coach at Gulliver Prep.

Children: None

Grandchildren: None

Currently Living In: Miami, Florida


Choosen Products + Their Relationships

1) Where do you primarily shop for groceries? Do you find yourself returning to the same location time and time again? Why?

"I primarily go grocery shopping at Publix. I typically go to the same Publix due to the driving distance from my house and it has all the products that I shop for too." 
2) What are certain grocery products that you feel you cannot live without? Why do you feel this way about these products? (Products can include cleaning products, food, and other home essentials.)

"Some products that I always catch myself buying and cannot live without are body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shaving cream, and as far as food and drinks go, I buy Gatorade, Kombucha, and protein bars"

3) Of the products you stated, why do you feel you have such a loyal relationship with said product? Have others influenced you to buy these products? Did any of your relatives use these products?

"The products I listed have a profound relationship with me because these are healthy essentials that one needs in order to feel and look clean. For the food and drinks, they taste amazing, and they are also important for a proper nutrition balance. My parents had an influence on me to buy body essentials since a young age and the kombucha was recommended to me by a friend. My relatives would use the body essentials I listed but as far as the food and drinks, I do not think they drink or eat those products."

4) What are some products you can think of that have been passed down from your relatives? Are any of these products you still use today? Are there any special memories, stories, or anecdotes you associate with any of these products?

"Some products that my relatives have passed down to me are shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and I still use these products to this day. One product that I have a special memory associated with is the Kombucha. The drummer in my band is a big fan of Kombucha and he recommended me the Watermelon flavored kombucha to try out and I loved it and ever since that day, I drink a Kombucha in the morning almost every day."

5) Would you recommend any of the products we discussed today? Why or why not?

"Yes, I would recommend some of the products I listed because they are products such as the body essentials that one should be constantly using every day in order to keep themselves clean from germs, body odor, and have clear skin. The one product I would be hesitant in recommending is Kombucha as that has a strong and bitter taste when drinking it. "
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