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Subaru of Pembroke Pines


Craig Zinn Automotive Group


Pembroke Pines, Florida


1 Year

Craig Zinn Automotive Group owns Lexus, Subaru, Acura, and Toyota dealerships across South Florida, additionally forming alliances with various groups in the community to emphasize the power of giving back. CZAG, in addition to partnering with Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital and North Miami Police Department has also partnered with the Broward County Humane Society through their Subaru of Pembroke Pines location. To entice viewers to "adopt not shop," I was tasked with creating content that promoted the dealership's "Pet of the Month" social media campaign, which encouraged viewers to submit pictures and anecdotes of their furry friends for a chance to be featured on Subaru of Pembroke Pines' social media accounts. Below are the graphics and captions I created for this campaign.

Bringing the "Pet of the Month" Campaign to Life


Meet this month’s #PetOfTheMonthSPP, Cash!✨


This pint-sized powerhouse has an adorable grin and endless energy. Cash loves playing fetch with his family, and enjoys cuddles, belly rubs and watching TV with his little brother, Chase. 


Think your furry friend has what it takes? DM us pictures or videos of your furry friend showing off their charm for a chance to be featured as next month’s #PetOfTheMonthSPP.

Featuring our charming Runner-Up for #PetOfTheMonthSPP, Cash!🐶


This athletic corgi stole our hearts with his adorable personality. A cuddle enthusiast who thrives on attention, his boundless energy has won him a special place in our hearts. 

Got a pet with personality? DM us photos or videos of your furry friend for a chance to be featured!


Introducing our newest champ, Cash!🐾


With his winning smile, he’s snagged this month’s #PetOfTheMonthSPP. Tiny but mighty, Cash is a ball of energy, always eager to play with whoever is willing to join him. Because he is a huge fan of fetch, Cash also loves taking naps!


Think your pet has what it takes to steal the spotlight next month? Submit their cutest photo for a chance to be featured next month!


I designed and wrote the above graphics announcing #PetOfTheMonthSPP winners and runner-ups. Because this campaign had not yet gone live, I used stock imagery to create a "persona" for this post. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant blue hues synonymous with Subaru of Pembroke Pines, I designed eye-catching graphics and wrote compelling captions that included information about that month's winner in addition to a call to action, enticing viewers to submit their "fully friends" via direct message for a chance to be featured. I was sure to include the campaign's signature hashtag, #PetOfTheMonthSPP, in both the graphic and caption, provoking users to also tag this hashtag in

their own user-generated content.

#TransformationTuesday: Pets Before & After Adoptions


It’s #TransformationTuesday and we’re here to melt your hearts!✨


Meet Cash, our latest success story from Broward County Humane Society. From shelter pup to #PetOfTheMonthSPP, Cash’s journey has been pure magic. Now happily settled in his home, he spends his days enjoying sunny days by his favorite windowsill. 


Want to share your pet’s transformation tale, or looking to adopt the purrfect furry friend? DM us today for more information!

As part of the overarching #PetOfTheMonthSPP campaign, I also created #TransformationTuesday posts. This initiative was created to invite users to share their heartfelt stories of pet adoption success, amplifying the message of the campaign, "adopt don't shop." Fostering user-generated content, each post can be reshared and tagged to the campaign's hashtag, igniting conversation as well as increasing reach and visibility of both the campaign and the dealership's social media presence. Like the previous posts, these aligned with Subaru of Pembroke Pines' brand identity, resonating with the brand's target audience and featuring the dealership's color scheme and logo.


On today’s #TransformationTuesday, we’re featuring Cash, an adorable bundle of energy. ⚡️


Now, the “king” of his household, Cash leads a luxurious life, spending his days by the pool and playing with his little brother, Chase. Adopted and recently crowned #PetOfTheMonthCPP, Cash now has found his forever home enjoying every second with his new famil. 


Share the love and submit your own pet’s transformation tale for a chance to be featured today!

Calling Viewers to Adopt, Not Shop


Calling all pet parents! 📞


Does your fur baby have what it takes to be crowned #PetOfTheMonthSPP? Show off their personality and cuteness overload by submitting your best shots or videos. Don’t miss out on this chance for them to steal the spotlight!

#DidYouKnow our team has partnered with @browardcountyhumane society to help you find your next furry friend? 


Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion or a new adventure buddy, we’re here to help you find the perfect match. Contact us for more information and stay tuned to our social media accounts to meet the next featured #PetOfTheMonthSPP!


Is your furry friend ready to steal the spotlight? ⭐️


Enter our #PetOfTheMonthSPP competition and let them shine! Whether they’re purr-fect kitties or cuddly canines, we want to see their charm in action. Submit your photos or videos now for a chance to be featured!


Lastly, I created posts for this campaign whose goal was mainly to call action towards and shed light on the campaign itself. The posts and captions I created on the far right and far left solely call viewers to submit images and stories of their pets for a chance to be featured on Subaru of Pembroke Pines' social media accounts. In the graphics of these posts, users can easily read how to enter the contest by direct messaging the brand's account. 

The graphic and caption in the middle promote Subaru of Pembroke Pines' partnership with the Broward County Humane Society for the campaign. Because this content can be posted collaboratively with the humane society's account, it helps drive engagement, reach, and visibility to the campaign as well as the brand's social media accounts.

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