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DAG Facilities +
Dominion Builders


Pacific & Orient Properties LLC


North Bay Village, Florida



With over 40 years of experience, Dominion Builders has been and continues to lead, manage, and guide the building of facilities, restaurants, hotels, and capital improvement projects. Having dominated the commercial construction industry, the team at Dominion Builders realized the need for a company that specialized in Controlled Environment Agriculture, or CEA. Forming DAG Facilities, a sister company to the original, Dominion Builders met this need, expanding its business and reaching a new sector of construction. I was tasked with managing the social media presences of both companies, highlighting their knowledge, expertise, and current and past projects.

DAG Facilities: The Grow Facility Company

In my role managing DAG Facilities' social media presence across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, I crafted content that showcased the essence of the company's brand by highlighting its extensive portfolio of successful projects and spotlighting its expertise in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Every post was designed to captivate DAG's audience and demonstrate its commitment to innovation, experience, and leadership in indoor farming solutions. By curating content that not only showcased DAG Facilities' projects and emphasized its unique Plan-Design-Build process, I ensured that the brand's audience gained insight into the depth of DAG's capabilities and the value the team brings to the table. Moreover, I leveraged DAG's mentions in the media and the brand's team's participation in industry events and conventions to further bolster its credibility and visibility across various social media platforms. Through engaging captions and visually compelling graphics, I fostered meaningful connections with the brand's followers, positioning DAG Facilities as a trusted authority in the field. As a result, its social media presence  expanded but and become a cornerstone of our brand identity, driving awareness, engagement, and ultimately,

successin helping indoor farming companies thrive.

Dominion Builders: Over 40 Years of Turning
Dreams Into Reality

Managing Dominion Builder's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, I created content that showcased this brand's expertise in commercial construction through posts that highlighted past and current projects, client testimonials, and media coverage. Doing so steadily gained Dominion Builders increased following, engagement, and brand visibility. I additionally set a standard for future posts, keeping the brand's social media presence uniform with its identity and style. Keeping Dominion Builders' logo in the bottom right corner of every post, using the brand's color palette, and creating a brand-wide font assisted in a more cohesive look across its accounts on various platforms.

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