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Forté Luxe


Forté Development


Jupiter, Florida



Forté Luxe is a boutique, luxury community being built on the Intracoastal Waterway of Jupiter Florida. The community will consist of 15 multi-level residences surrounded by three sides of water, as Forté Luxe is being built on a peninsula. For this client, I managed the project’s social media accounts across Facebook and Instagram, creating content, building relationships with realtors and potential leads, and measuring the performance of the content I created at the end of each month to ensure the continued success of Forté Luxe's social media strategy.

Showcasing #LuxeLivingInParadise on Social Media

By incorporating subtle designs into Forté Luxe's existing renderings, I successfully highlighted the development's luxury, elegance, and sophistication. I strategically integrated media coverage posts into the client's social media schedule to enhance overall marketing of the development and its premium amenities. Focusing on an affluent, mature audience, likely retired and of higher economic standing, I tailored clear, minimalist designs and content showcasing Jupiter's diverse array of restaurants, activities, parks, and landmarks. This approach provided a glimpse into the

lifestyle epitomized by #LuxeLivingInParadise, Forté Luxe's signature hashtag.

Acknowledging the prominence of video content on popular social media platforms like TikTok, which center around the creation and sharing of videos, it's evident that this format holds significant sway over user engagement, regardless of the target audience. Recognizing this trend, I augmented Forté Luxe's social media strategy by incorporating more video content throughout. This strategic adjustment yielded noticeable improvements in engagement metrics, follower growth, and impressions, as demonstrated below. Through this approach, I was able to offer a more intimate glimpse into life in Jupiter while also providing valuable construction updates on the development and content that focused on various areas of the residences.

The Rise of Video Content in Social Media Analytics

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 10.43.58 PM.png
17 copy.png

*Source: Sprout Socials*

The above social media metrics, courtesy of Sprout Socials, showcase the increase in impressions, audience growth, post link clicks, and engagements throughout the duration of the time I managed Forté Luxe's social media accounts. As my first-ever luxury real estate client, I had the opportunity of learning how social media and public relations help leverage real estate in that using the two to market a project or listing is a great way to attract and covert leads. By creating content that resonated with the target audience and staying active on Forté Luxe's Instagram and Facebook direct messages, I was able to assist in the growth of the development's social media presence as well as expand their reach.

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 10.44.08 PM.png

*Source: Sprout Socials*

To measure the success of the video content produced, I additionally measured and studied the message volume and video views of Forté Luxe's accounts. Reels coupled with trending were introduced to Forté's social strategy in January. From then on, there is a clear increase in engagements, impressions, and audience growth, as this type of content resonates best with most audiences. While video content was introduced, I still kept Forté Luxe's minimalist design, allowing for easy readability and brand cohesiveness.

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