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Ashton Jones  & Grape Works Dev


Tallahassee, FL



Over the Summer and throughout the Fall Semester of my senior year, I've had the privilege of interning with Ashton Jones and his software development company, Grape Works Dev. I was tasked with managing the company's social media accounts, creating and scheduling posts across multiple platforms, and designing print ads for different services the company offered. 

Social Media Takeover:

Untitled design 2.jpg

While interning at Grape Works Dev, I've experienced a lot of firsts that I will definitely carry along with me as I continue to work toward my career in visual communications. For the first time ever, I ran not one, but three different accounts across three different platforms for the company. I was tasked with creating a posting schedule, sets of posts, and stories for each new campaign, and even creating giveaways and other events to attract attention to each account. This has been the biggest takeaway so far from this internship, because for the first time ever, I was trusted to run these social media accounts on my own. While the company's founder and tech lead, Ashton Jones, did approve my designs and posting schedules, this was the first time I have ever run an account for a business independently!


Visit Grape Work Dev's Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn to see more of my work!

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Print Advertising:

Portfolio Website + Resume Poster.jpg
Ends February 14th, 2022.jpg

In addition to advertising Grape Work Dev's services on social media, I also created posters and informational cards to post around the Tallahassee area. These print ads were created for a campaign I also came up with - creating a portfolio website and matching resumes at a discounted price for students in the area. Because I've had success with my own website and matching portfolio, I felt this would be a great service to add to the many technological services provided by GWD, in addition to allowing the company to tap into a completely different target audience. 

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