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Maíz y Agave


Maíz y Agave


Coral Gables, Florida



Maíz y Agave is an authentically Oaxacan restaurant located in the heart of Coral Gables, on Miracle Mile. Facing the city's town hall,  this location is almost as grand as the restaurant's design and commitment to bringing Oaxacan culture, cuisine, and cocktails to Miami. For this client, I was tasked with creating content that excited viewers about the restaurant's opening, additionally including teasers showcasing its interior design, cocktails, and dishes. Using my background in Hispanic marketing, I included specific words that not only resonated with Miami's dominantly Hispanic audience, but could be easily read and understood by those who may not be as fluent in the language. 

Bringing Vibrant Mexican Culture & Cuisine to Miami

Taking inspiration from Oaxaca, Mexico's vibrant culture and color palette, I created content that reflected the restaurant's mission to bring its authentic experience to Miracle Mile. I additionally used commonly used Spanish sayings that resonated with Miami's dominantly Hispanic audience and could also be easily recognized by those who are not as fluent in the language. I was sure to make each graphic eye-catching by using minimal wording, while still keeping the brand's signature, bold colors. Using word play, I additionally introduced catchy hashtags such as #EnamorARTEdeMexico, #HechoConAmor, and #CasiCasi. While this project proved to be a challenge, it was a fantastic experience putting my classroom-learned skills to the test to successfully market the restaurant's opening. Today, visitors can enjoy genuine Oaxacan hospitality, cuisine, and cocktails at Maíz y Agave, which includes one of

Coral Gables' only rooftop bars. ¡Salud!

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