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Melissa Hoff


Melissa Hoff of The Hoff Group

at Compas


Fort Lauderdale, Florida



A distinguished South Florida native and real estate expert, Melissa Hoff is the proud leader of The Hoff Group at Compass. Renowned for her adept representation of clients in both residential and commercial real estate, particularly within the luxury segment of South Florida, Melissa has garnered various accolades and commendations throughout her career. In my role, I curated content and drafted digital strategies tailored to her brand and her chosen target audience. I additionally created brand guidelines for Melissa's digital presence to ensure consistency and coherence across Melissa's digital platforms. Through the creation of compelling and informative content, I facilitated Melissa's engagement with her audience, fostering a more relatable and personable connection.

Creating a Cohesive Brand Identity & Digital Presence

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To create a cohesive brand identity across Melissa's social media platforms and overall digital presence, I created brand guidelines as well as recreated Melissa's logo in "high-res" so it could be used in digital and print content. In order to abide by Compass' guidelines, we kept their signature black and white colors while adding a variation of magenta hues to give Melissa's brand a unique flair. For readability purposes, I used minimalistic, sans-serif fonts that could be bolded for titles and phrases we wanted viewers to be drawn to first.

Leveraging PR & Social Media in Real Estate

With a keen focus on establishing Melissa’s credibility and expertise in the industry, I added educational content, content created from media coverage, and client testimonials raving about her excellent customer service to her social strategy and calendar. One of my innovative initiatives was the introduction of the #WomenCrushWednesday campaign on Melissa’s socials. This campaign spotlighted fellow female entrepreneurs in South Florida with the strategic approach of increasing engagement and introducing generating user-generated content (UGC), as it could be reshared by the women who were featured. 

From Digital to Print Advertisements


In addition to dominating the South Florida real estate landscape, Melissa Hoff additionally enjoys supporting nonprofits in the community. A dog owner and lover, Melissa often supports efforts by the PAWS Auxiliary of the Humane Society in Broward County. In support of the organization's mission, that "Pet Are Worth Saving!," she is dedicated to spread the word to adopt not shop. To the left is a print ad I created for one of PAWS' events that Melissa attended and sponsored. Tweaking her message to match the theme of the event, I created a clear call-to-action and added in any information to help make contacting her that much easier.

Analytics Insights: Understanding Content Effectiveness

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Strategies I implemented into Melissa's social media content proved to be successful, increasing each of the KPIs that were measured throughout her time as a client. Creating content that promoted user-generated content was a huge push that helped increase Melissa's reach, further increasing the impressions and engagement of her other content. Additionally, adding video content to her strategy proved to be a success, as many of these post garnered the most likes and comments from viewers.

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