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My Christmas Card


Our Lady of Lourdes Academy

Christmas Card


Miami, FL



During my sophomore year, when I decided to take Studio Art I, my teacher held a contest to see who could create the best image for the school's Annual Christmas Card. After submitting multiple entries, because I really wanted one of my illustrations to be published, the image below was the one that was finally chosen. It was extremely exciting to see my work come to life, and to know that it would be sent out and shared to both the families of staff and students at my high school. 

The Winning Illustration:


To create the illustration above, I used Procreate on my iPad. Little did I know that this sketch would later be printed and sent out to staff members, alumni, students, and other families associated with Our Lady of Lourdes Academy. In the end, my hard work and determination paid off, and it was definitely an honor to have my work chosen as the school's Annual Christmas Card.

Published Illustrations copy.jpg

Recieving the Card: 

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