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The Exercise Infographic


Our Lady of Lourdes Academy

Visual Communications Class


Miami, FL



To begin learning the basics of design, typography, color schemes, and brand identity, I decided to take Visual Communications (better known as VisComm) at my high school. In this class, one of our assignments was to create an infographic to get students moving and outside during the "unprecedented times" that were the never-ending months of strict quarantine during the Summer of 2020. My creation was later published on my high school's Instagram, and many people commented that they actually tried some of the exercises I included!

Getting Active During Quarantine:


To try something new, I decided to use Canva for the first time ever to create this infographic. I created each of the illustrations on Procreate (by hand), saved them as .pngs, and added the text/positioning in Canva. For this being the first project I ever did using new software, I was really happy with how it came out and at my "target audiences'" positive feedback!

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