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Republica Havas


Republica Havas


Miami, FL 


Summer 2022 - Paid Internship

During Summer 2022, I had the best "agency-life" experience at Republica Havas. As an Accounts Intern, and later a Creative Intern, I had the opportunity of learning about each and every role that together, as a whole, makes up the machine that is an advertising and marketing agency. 

Becoming an Accounts Intern:

Because of my strong organization and time management skills, I was given the role of "accounts intern" during the majority of my time at Republica Hacas This was my first experience seeing the inner workings of an advertising firm firsthand, where I learned about the various departments and teams who assist in bringing clients' brands to life through almost every form of media. 

Typically being on the "creative" side of the process, it was definitely interesting working hand in hand with clients as well as Republica's Creative Department to mvoe projects along the process. During my time, I was most impressed in how small plans and projects were developed into larger-than-life billboards, activations, and other displays. 

As an Accounts Intern, I had the absolute pleasure of working with and getting to know the individuals on the Baptist Hospital Same Day Care and Miami Cancer Insttitue teams. Throughout my time at the firm, I met so many amazing people, and enjoyed my time so much, that I decided to extend my internship to stay a bit longer...

Transitioning into a Creative Intern!

Towards what was supposed to be the end of my time at Republica, I decided that I LOVED being there, so I made the decision to not only extend my internship, but to also work in the Creative Department! While working as a creative intern, I still assisted with the Baptist Account. This time, however, I was editing designs, re-writing copy, and seeing creations I had once been presenting to clients as an accounts intern. It was a great experience seeing plans develop from small scribbles in a notebook to a huge billboard or event held by Baptist Hospital. I loved my time at Republica, and am so thankful for the learning experience, opportunities, and friendships this internship had to offer. 


My Social Media Audit: Sedano's 

At the end of my internship with Republica Havas, each of the interns was assigned to complete a social audit on one of the clients the agency was currently working with. For this project, I was tasked with completing this audit on Sedano's, a small, Hispanic grocery chain based in Miami, Florida. After completing the audit, interns were then challenged with creating a plan that would help these clients better target younger audiences and generations. Because Sedano's mainly targets older, Hispanic men and women, most of whom immigrated to the United States, their current audience demographic is very far from the younger generations, such as Gen Z, Gen X, and Gen Alpha. For Sedano's my pitch was to create a corner in the store that offered "home-made" recipe cards, mimicking many Hispanic recipes most moms or abuelas (grandmas) cook for their grandchildren at home. Along with these cards, there'd be a display with the ingredients needed for the recipe surrounding the card stand, making it easy for customers to follow the recipe and choose the correct ingredients to make their own "Hispanic Comfort Food." I got this idea from other grocery chains that are popular amongst the younger generation, such as Trader Joe's, who have been successful in creating recipe corners like these. 

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