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Miami Beach Chamber
of Commerce &
RFB + Fisher Potter Hodas


Richard Segal


Miami Beach, Florida



Richard Segal is the co-founding and co-managing partner at the Downtown Miami office of the national litigation boutique firm, RFB + Fisher, and the 42nd chairman of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. In my role, I was responsible for creating Richard's Facebook account and formulating a comprehensive social media strategy, followed by creating engaging content across his Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Because I managed Richard's personal account, I was challenged with creating content that promoted the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and RFB + Fisher Potter Hodas, in addition to adding content about Richard's life outside of work and family. In doing so, I helped this client create a social media presence that was both personable and professional. 

Duality on Display: Advertising Richard's Two Roles

In managing Richard Segal's social media accounts across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, I undertook a multifaceted approach to cultivate a vibrant online presence for him. From creating his Facebook profile to devising a nuanced social media strategy, my efforts were aimed at seamlessly integrating his professional accomplishments with his personal interests. Managing Richard's personal account presented a unique challenge, requiring a delicate balance between showcasing his role at RFB + Fisher Potter Hodas and his leadership at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, while also offering glimpses into his life beyond the office walls. Through careful curation and thoughtful engagement, I crafted content that resonated with his audience, fostering meaningful connections and amplifying his influence within the legal and business communities of Miami. By leveraging a blend of business promotion, community advocacy, and personal anecdotes, I contributed to the development of a social media presence that authentically reflected Richard's character and values, ultimately enhancing his professional brand.

Paid Media: Running Ads with OceanDrive Magazine

Creative Portfolio Image Covers.png

One of my proudest accomplishments while managing Richard Segal's social media presence was when I designed and wrote the copy for a compelling Paid Media ad that was launched on Instagram and Facebook in collaboration with Ocean Drive Magazine. The goal of this ad was to help Richard's personal brand gain more reach and visibility, with a clear call to action allowing viewers to easily contact Richard from the post itself. Drawing on Richard's esteemed roles at RFB + Fisher and the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, I designed a graphic that and wrote a caption showcased both of Richard's roles. Because this was a paid ad, I had character limitations for the caption and call to action on this post, which proved a challenge in creating copy that was still engaging and kept the message we wanted viewers to see. In the end, the ad seamlessly blended promotion of RFB + Fisher Potter Hodas and the Chamber of Commerce with insights into Richard's personal pursuits, ensuring a balanced representation of both roles. By leveraging Ocean Magazine's platform, we amplified Richard's reach and engagement, garnering increased following and interaction across his Instagram and Facebook accounts. This successful partnership not only bolstered Richard's social media presence but also reinforced his standing as a respected figure within the legal and business communities in Miami.

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